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Mango Drycleaners provides a Alteration & Repair service, our experienced team are happy to assist you and make sure that you get any alterations or repair you need, whether it’s a small tear or big. Your garment will be taken care of !

Jeans Shortening

Replacement Zips

Trouser Shortening

Rugs, Curtains, Wedding/prom Gowns, Leather Garments and alots more...

Delivery Service

We can delivery your garments and iron & folded clothes all the way to your house 5 mile radius minimum £30 dry cleaning service For more then 5 mile drop off, extra charge.

Call Us On 01582 725 655 to arrange a time for delivery


Choose Any Time for Delivery


We Can Wash and Dry Dirty Laundry


We Return Your Clean Laundry


Relax and Enjoy Clean Clothes

From Only £65.00
We Also Offer Wedding Dress Service

Dry Clean

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Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning does not mean your clothing tumbles around in a dry basket of air. Clothes are deep cleaned in a safe liquid solution, the solution is extracted out, and then your clothes are steam pressed.…

What Happens After I Drop Off My Clothes?

There is a lot that happens beyond your initial drop off. Take a look. Tagging and Stains In reality, after check-in, we tag your items so the cleaning team can keep track of them through the upcoming process. Then we…

How the Sun Can Damage Your Fabrics

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause significant fading to your clothing, curtains and upholstery. Signs of damage occur in similar fashion to the picture. (This is an actual photo of a couch that has been nearby a window for…